Kingdom Capital Investments, Inc.


KCI in conjunction with its network partners is committed to provide a holistic approach to the revitalization of the lives of people in our communities and cities globally.

With today's economic market of unprecedented volatility, due largely in part but not limited to our recent financial crash, slumping housing market and existing credit crunch we find ourselves in the midst of transition from companies downsizing to complete closings.  It is imperative to continue to find new and innovative solutions to reach and ever increasing market of families that are experiencing a loss of homes, income due to job loss and the overall demise of the family structure because of uncertainty. As we see a seemingly insurmountable increase in the number of foreclosures, a global market flooded with people out of work and our neighborhoods of vacant houses with fallen values, it is necessary to expand the horizon of focus.

Through the development of people, the redevelopment of mindsets and the rediscovering of ones inner self and igniting that passion for purpose and destiny, we at KCI intend to rebuild globally by reestablishing America, one nation at time.  To find the heartbeat of ones existence, to search and find the very thing that makes one rise to the occasion.  Whether it's the start of that business you've envisioned, the boost needed to take your present one to the next level or to just take control and maximize life, we are committed to you fulfilling your intent.

Our organization has assembled a team of professionals in various areas that are committed to becoming a staple in the lives of our clients and making available the skills, information and years of training and experience obtained.  Our purpose is not to just focus our attention towards adults, but to aid and support our younger generation as well.  As professionals we realize that without a mental change of heart and mind towards people helping people, we will most assuredly find ourselves at some point in the very near future without anyone to sit across from.

"Globally Rebuilding America One Person At A Time"