"In this life make sure you leave the Rat Race to the Rats."
Kingdom Capital & Associates, Inc.


    David Green's career in the Financial Service Industry spans over thirty (45) years.  It is this experience that causes him to possess innovative and creative ideas in the world of finance. His exposure has been in areas that include financial planning ,community development, residential building and development, financing in both commercial and residential markets, along with having been able to procure funding for  both mainstream and the private sector, which has included projects of his own.
    It was David's tenure with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation as a Community Development Officer, managing corporate relationships, working with community groups, non-profit organizations by bringing together some of the industries finest and conducting educational seminars for first time home buyers in order to facilitate home ownership. That ignited a passion within him to begin to network and share on a much broader scope, some of the financial nuggets obtained over the years spent in the industry.
    As head of a financial team and part of a network that is dedicated to seeing people shed the garments of mediocracy and complacency, to becoming clothed in the focus of fulfillment of Destiny.  David through his financial coaching techniques is sharing with individuals, groups and business' economic insight and strategies to enable them to fit, function and flourish in spite of our trying economic times.  How to recognize needed shifts in ones financial paradigm and to seize and lay hold of your financial goals and dreams that will empower you to leave the rat race to the rats.

David J. Green
President / COO
Kingdom Capital & Associates, Inc.